What are DuraHook Coat Hooks?

DuraHooks are a super strong hat & coat hook that have been designed and developed to stand the test of time. Originally developed with schools and nurseries in mind, DuraHook is the ideal solution to the age old problem of damaged and broken coat hooks. However, we soon discovered that this problem wasn't just limited to schools and that the same problem existed on much larger, global scale.

Why Buy DuraHook Coat Hooks?

DuraHooks are Stronger

The basic design of hat & coat hooks hasn't changed for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Sure, the materials used to manufacture them have changed, but the simple fact remains that nearly all coat hooks have not been designed to withstand the rigourous use the are subjected to on a daily basis in the modern world. Traditional aluminium, cast iron and even many steel coat hooks can all too easily bend or snap under the weight of heavy school bags and multiple coats. Vandalism is another major factor with many schools, sports clubs and leisure centres falling victim to the vandalism of changing room furniture and facilities which often includes the snapping, bending or breaking of coat hooks.

The strength and durability of DuraHooks make it almost impossible to bend, let alone break the coat hooks, even under rigourous use. This makes them the perfect solution when it comes to replacing existing damaged and broken coat hooks. Why waste money replacing damaged hooks with the very same hook that you know just isn't up to the job? So just how strong are DuraHook coat hooks? Watch the video and find out!

DuraHooks are Safer

The unique design and profile of DuraHook coat hooks makes them much safer than traditional coat hooks. It goes without saying that most coat hooks are installed at or around head height, regardless of whether or not they are for children or adults. It is because of this very reason that so many head and eye injuries occur. Many traditional coat hooks protrude a long way from the wall or baton on which they are mounted, making them an instant obstacle. Combine this with the fact that many coat hooks are angular or pointed in design it is easy to see why there are so many injuries. DuraHook coat hooks are 'eye level safe'. The curved design ensures that point of the hooks curve away from the user. The low profile of the hook ensures they don't protrude too far from the wall.

DuraHook has a Proven Track Record

To date over 500,000 DuraHook coat hooks have been sold globally with not a single reported broken hook.

Who Buys DuraHook Coat Hooks?

Our customer base is extremely diverse and includes:

Where can I buy DuraHook Coat Hooks?

Whether you need just 5 or 5000 coat hooks we will be happy to supply you. You can purchase DuraHooks right here on the DuraHook website.

Please visit our products page to purchase you hooks.



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